Fast and Cheap Crypto p2p trading with advertisements (Zero Fee) .

 Buy and sell crypto currencies from peer with 21+ Global Payment Options, chat with peer user, Dispute, Cancel options available with market or Fixed rate. 

Padiepal P2P Trading is the top and fast rising crypto p2p trading exchange, most people say it is easy and more reliable like binance exchange. Like we all know p2p is buying and selling of crypto currency, Which means you can buy and sell crypto currency without any issue and stress.Today let talk about how to create your own profitable ads on Padiepal p2p exchange.

Create your Padiepal account for free, click on Crypto option and tap on p2p trading.

Click on post ads to create your p2p ad, on buy and sell

Select what trade you want to carry on, either to buy or to sell, your margin is the interest amount you would love to set your trade, either – or + the number is already on +. If you place buy trade it will appear at those who want to sell their crypto, remember you are to make payment when they request for a sell trade because their crypto will be credited to your wallet after a successful trade.

And if you place sell trade you are to put your account comfort payment to receive payment. from buyers, enable to have crypto balance before placing a  sell trade so that it will not result to seller do not have sufficient fund to trade.

After you have successfully place an ads it will be publish, remember that you can also deactivate it at any time to avoid keeping your buyer or seller waiting.